floating tantric massage

In Moment not possible!!!

Cordial, passionate, careful, strong and teasing tantric massage.

A journey into your senses…

Delightfully floating and swinging in weightless space, letting it flow in

sensual multi-dimensional waves…

relaxed and light, tantric and free from the hindrances

of ordinary gravitational force, just being here and now…

The gentle flowing move does create tranquility and is letting

every sensual touch have its effect even more deeply…

Let yourself be lured into the magic of your body,

a deep arrival in this very moment … pure joy.

Letting go, relax, getting mentally energetically reload,

ecstasy, lust, ease, secureness, healing …
With warm oil, smooth, gentle and strong hands,arms and the whole body

you’ll be touched, massaged and be danced at …

a meaningful existence in love … ;-))

floating tantric massage
engulfs all usual elements of the tantric massage, while it is however been performed on a three-dimensional massage table,

The ways of movement provide a kind of floating or flowing sensation, similar to water or being weightless.
The table was developed in order to  bring WATSU on land too.

Given that not everyone (in particular here in Munich) does have such a good access to a heated bath.
I was able to get to know that wonderful weightless sensation in a course with the table’s developer Michel Claude Urban, since when I have been

delighted of it.

I had to integrate this flexibility into my tantrical system by all means.
Even that the tantric massage is always on the ground usually; I couldn’t help myself and had to purchase the table. This flying sensation is so particular and is giving a fast deep relaxation just in a flash, which marvelously is to amalgamate with tantric elements.
Also the Lingam massage in dynamic movement has… something … 😉
Worse luck, my personal video is still in progress. But for you to get an impression of it, here a video with the inventor of the table Michel Claude Urban.



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