sual rituals (only in Munich)

Love-, tantra-, and bondage rituals

My rituals


are truly royal offers, which include other elements of tantra and sensuality besides of the frame of a massage.  They make it possible, to widen limits and to dedicate oneself completely to the beauty of the moment. 

I want to be so authentic as possible and celebrate a feast of the senses for deep, lustful sensations there. The contemplating on that feeling of the moment can release streams of power, which let one forget space or time and flush the body with life energy. 

Such an experience can still be present as a growth of power, self-confidence, vitality, humour and loving feelings, over days.

Why the rituals form?

In my understanding a ritual is an action within a certain frame – that starts already with the cup of coffee in the morning, for instance.  Trough the repetition and the concentration on the purpose this deed is energetic, respectively it is connected with other, “higher” dimensions in our sub consciousness.  So we can find better access to these levels and always again recharge our inner batteries mutually.
When one is unfamiliar, there it’s needed some bravery on both sides, to lets been connect so intimately with another human being.  The ritual form is creating the safety ness, that the mutual limits are been respected, which here are broadened compared with a simple massage. It does support the willingness to attune to one another openly and attentively. Also a certain insecurity, which always goes along with experiences towards its own limits, can so be transcended well. You don’t need special previous knowledge, I will lead you playfully and sensually trough these very special form of encounter.

Love ritual and bondage ritual – form and process

Love ritual as well as bondage ritual

too are supporting a certain form of joy, whereas with “love” its not meant to lead to sexual intercourse.  In the midst of it stands the gentle, lively relationship between me, the ritual maker and you, the receiver. 

That means to let go of your thoughts for instance, which concern your body or how you sexuality should manifest. I am using fruits and culinary delights as symbol of wealth and abundance in an imaginary sense, for example – for much time and the knowledge, that every moment is perfect.
The mutual giving and taking will be wilfully designed, so that we can be present at the moment. There isn’t a claim for certain forms of this exchange, therefore it is advisable, to discus possible wishes from the beginning.  This encounter has no specific way, all can be much different, because either your expectations or the offers of me too as a “servant of the temple”.
The rituals consist of a sequence of different modules, which are more or less woven together and are divided into four topic areas:

Arrival and introduction:
I help you, to arrive in a way, that the transit in the realm of the senses is made easier. Maybe you enjoy a footbath with anointment – an archaic symbol of respect and care – a sauna walk with a hamam washing or other gentle greeting ceremonies let you arrive wholly and completely in your body.  Certainly I will do a dance for you …
The bondage ritual can start with captivating games, varying sensing elements.  You will be bound in a decorating bondage, may experience your body with different sounds and sensations bringing together, with sensual, contradicting and a little bit painful amenities.  Maybe you may see me dance in a sensual form (fixed) for you … a festival of the senses …

Tantric massage:

Now you get an extensive back massage with all thinkable element.  Rose petals or symbols can be included or you enjoy a prostate massage to open the root chakra.  All that does relax, help to feel the body and to let oneself be introduced to the following lustful elements, which form a wide frame including the genital massage, for which you may still wait a little.
To savour the tension – let surprise you, giving and taking …
For a short break you can have a playful snack to enjoy with different goodies.  The following modules will be formed with me according to the agreed expectations, under different key aspects. There are plays to sensibilise the senses and for the  observation of the body, touch and be touched in multiple ways. You may be curious, move yourself and dance or be only be quiet and receiving.  With the bondage ritual these modules can be enjoyed in fixed form.


The great final:

The lust will have enough space on the ongoing of the whole ritual, but this part is the “sweet spot”! Time for an extensive genital massage and the ending, which you agreed upon with me in the first interview.




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