root massage, prostata

root massage or prostate-massage

I did choose the description root-massage for a massage, where the whole buttocks
are in the focus, including the anal- and prostate-massage area.

Derived from the name of the lowest Chakra – the root-chakra.
This energy-centre stands for the basic live processes as reproduction, sexuality, instinct, fundamental confidence, stability and assertiveness.
The here-connected topics can again led you to consciousness and to salvation, with the massage. Besides of this healing impact, the massage of the floor of the pelvis contains lots of joyful potential.
Not seldom man and woman are surprised, that it makes you feel enormously languorous and lustful trough an anal- and prostate-massage and they are terribly grateful, at last to have found these hidden potentials.
For people with the wish for devotion on a deep sexual experience and also in the area of the spiritual experience, the root-massage can open new deep dimensions.
More likely the soft feminine part of the man will be brought to attention and energized.
(However with women the anal-massage is focused more likely on the opposite, more masculine, wild part)
Focus of the massage is also the great gluteal muscle, by the volume the biggest and the second strongest muscle of humans, which at “normal” massages is be neglected culpably. Naturally at the other sensual massages the nether regions will also be included.
Its been understood by itself, by all means, that all variations of the “root-massage” ask for a very sensible and observant frame, because we handle a taboo within our culture.
The root-massage will be given, just like the tantra massage on the futon.



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