Tantra, SMantra and sensibility in Munich

If you are interested on things like tantric massage,

kinky tantric massage (Sm´mantric massage)

dance and sensibility in all their facets,

obviously here you are right 😉



tantra massages, bondage massages,

kinky tantra massages (sm`antric massages)

floating tantric massages, root massages,

sauna und hamam, sensual rituals

mini workshop yonimassage,

coaching by touch

and dances und seminares

Attention!!! Please note, I am only certain days in Munich!

 I am not a studio, I am workling alone!


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My spiritual name is Deva Bhusha, that means „divine ornament“

That sounds rather pompous, I thought at the beginning, but when I am observing this leitmotiv of my life, all that is drawing me on, has something to do with ornaments, fabric, beauty und sensibility.

As years went by I discovered, executed and lived a lots of talents and passions and I try, to display its variety to show on my homepage accordingly.

That’s why you’ll find sensual massages, tantra, bodywork and workshops on this homepage also like dance.

In most passions I am a self-made-woman and while I was able to work out a certain quality trough perseverance and experience.

Have fun at your exploration and don’t forget to make you feel all right, as time passes by …

Do a sensual move, an encounter, a joy (culinary or olfactory), so that you don’t forget the sensual experience above the virtual enthusiasm … ;-))

about me

Name:    Deva Bhusha Glöckner

Age:       Juicy 45


Apprenticeships / stations / Experiences:


Selling tickets, the art of life and survival on a farm, theaterwork, design and tailoring, dress-shop, sensual massage, tantra massage, hara-awarness massage, intuitional massage, tao massage, long life experience of massage at “Sinnes-art”, self-awareness in different meditation techniques and forms of therapies, tantra yearly training, reiki, aqua floating, watsu,

tantsu,bondage, zen, dance (kathak,

butoh and dance improvisation),



What is keeping me busy and on the run above all:


Its the age-old question „Who am I?“ (and the fascination of getting new answers to that every new day), friendship and community, communication and relationship, body-, healing- and energy-work. Water, dance, sex, BDSM and sensibility, spirituality and the daily life, household and garden work, to get my broad variety balanced altogether, an exploding creativity (more than my lazy soul can manage)


My deepest desire:



altogether what I am and what I do

To be really there with all my senses and emotions and my whole understanding, where am I just now. Massaging, in meeting you, dancing, tailoring, cooking, gardening, writing, drawing, loving … I cannot fix it for sure, but always I try …

I am the master, who’s training ;-))


What I wish for my life:


Living strong, humorous and being awake – departing while still being alive, humorous and being awake. To share love and the beauty of the moment.


What I do wish while massaging and in the contact with you:


That I can be true in my expressions and in the contact with you, in my openness for the touches and be free in my creativity. That you out of your heart give yourself in my hands and let yourself been touched in your soul and your heart. That my hands, my body und my attention are gateways for you, to enter your own inner temple.


What I do wish while massaging and in the contact with myself:


A relaxed and wondering glance on your face, a recognition by the soul, a open and touched heart, to feel a wild masculine power and likewise to dive into gentle feminine passion, exiting experience of the senses, to feel you in lust and love, enjoy, arrival at the very moment, maybe the one or other awareness, healing


My credos:


Be itself a joke which makes you laugh (Osho)


Love is being happy together while both being imperfect

Sensibility doesn’t mean, to get lost in this world. It means to give yourself away. Ralph Valenteano



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