mini-workshop yoni massage

mini-workshop yoni massage


The content of the mini-workshop encompasses anatomy, some theory, the learning and training of Yoni massage by Anny Sprinkle and Michaela Riedel, enriched by the own experiences, including tip’s and trick´s from long years of massage practice.


After the dry run you can try to probe what you have learned on me and I shall give you feedback immediately.



The sequence of the mini-workshops for the Yoni massage

(Length about four to five hours):



Greetings and introduction:


In a sensible personal talk you speak with me about the content and goal of the workshop.




First you will get basic theoretical information’s about the female sexuality and most particuar about the Yoni engulfed in the tantrical background and also about the healing work. You may then articulate on to me furthering questions.


Basical training:


The basic grasps and technics of the Yoni massage you do learn under my supervision first on a natural gum model, so that your fingers shall later remember the trained grasps. This part can be very entertaining and is giving room for unusual questions. For your back up you will get a script with the theory and a description of the single steps, which you can take with you along.


Mental and physical cleaning:


A joint stay at the sauna together with tasty surprises and a Hamam cleaning takes care for your relaxation, refreshment and strengthening as well as a sensual transition towards the further training.


Practical training:


Afterwards follows the specified traing programme in an introduction talk with multimedia aid, assisted by the script. My feedback will lead you trough the massage and deliver to you valuable hints to coddle your partner.


Optional closing:


If you would like to enjoy a sensual massage, after the workshop, you are welcome to book this additionally for a desired period of tim



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